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Topic outline

  • Detailed Overview

    We will co-explore, experience and understand

    • The universal Truth (Existence, God, Allah, Bhagwan) and various realities within the Truth. At the top level -

      • Existence (Truth), as coexistence of 

        • Space (Void, Shoony, Par-brahma, Khla, Beinteha)

        • Nature (Prakriti, Kudrat, Kaynaat)

          • Its organization (vyavastha, arrangement, intezaam, bandubast)

          • Relationships between different units of nature and other humans.

          • Human being as a part of Nature.

    • Being human (Maanav, Insaan) - {The self with a human body}

      • Human purpose (innate drive, goal, purpose, lakshya, irada, maqsad) from Self to family (parivaar) to community (sangat) to samaaj (Firqa, Society)

      • The feelings (bhaav, ehsaas) and values (Mulya, mol, wasf) that matter to every human

        • Like love, respect, trust, acceptance, gratitude, honesty, responsibility etc.

      • Nature of self and nature of the body

      • Harmony (sangeet, sukh) and integration (sambandh, judaav, saath aana, rishta)

      • Harmony in self, family, community and samaaj

      • Humanity 2.0